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About us --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Microcera specializes in sintered silicon carbide (Alpha SiC) materials.

Our silicon carbide technology is world class. We offer two grades of pressureless sintered silicon carbide, TufbideTMSA, a standard, fine grain sintered SiC, and TufbideTMSB, a patented, sintered SiC containing boron nitride as solid lubricant. TufbideTMSB out performs graphite loaded silicon carbide material (such as PGS) in Marginal lubricating and dry running situations.

Our processing capabilities are superior. Both TufbideTMSA and TufbideTMSB grades canbe pressed-to-size for very High volume applicaton, such as automotive water pump seals. We use extensive pre-sintered (green) machining Techniques, minimizing finish grinding to save component cost. Quick turn parts can be shipped within 48 hours. Our processing technology is supported by state-of-the-art equipments imported from US and Europe, including sintering furnaces, fully automatic mechanical press, isostatic press and CNC grinders, etc.

Family owned with manufacturing base in Ningbo China, We can offer tremendous cost savings for you, while maintaining high quality products and service you would expect from a world class manufacturer.

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